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Mac Lorenz was founded in 2019 in Denizli-Turkey. Founded to create innovative products that meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, the company produces quality and durable, environmentally friendly products. The company specializes in products such as bed linen, bedspreads, pique, bath towels, special towels and bathrobes.
As the Emilteks family, we are a manufacturer company with a wide production rate of towels, bathrobes, hotel towels, peshtemals (Foutas), and beach clothes. Our company operates it's workshops in a 3000 m² closed area with 600 tons/year production capacity. We can fulfill rapidly changing customer expectations about quality and variety. We produce technology oriented, human and nature friendly. We are using reliable production methods and tools. We deliver Emillie and Dila havlu quality to all over the world. Our quote is winning the hearths before earning money and looking forward to create long term partnership.
The most difficult issue for a company ; to be able to express themselves in the most appropriate way to the suitable audiance rather than to continue their activities in the sector they serve… When we decided to write ‘About us ‘for our company,which has been serving in the textile sector since 2018,we realised that this is not really as easy as we think and tell other companies. We know that Introduction texts on a website are generally last part to read. For that reason ;we can say shortly, MKA HAVLU is a company which specialized in Hometextile and operates in Bursa and Denizli. MKA HAVLU is customer oriented and offers them the best and fastest service with the highest quality standarts and the price advantages.In doing so,it aims to provide maximum benefit. MKA HAVLU,aims to get permanent and stable position by increasing its export day by day. It has own warehouse and main Office for operations and permanent running looms working in Denizli. Its communication Office is located in Bursa which is only 90 minutes away by ferry from Istanbul. Our Products dyeing processes are made in the factories in Denizli which has Gots, Ekotex And BSCI certificates.
Afil Collection produces Peshtemal, Throw and bedspreads from premium Turkish cotton. Our company, which is engaged in production and export activities, has adopted the principle of offering the best quality to its customers at the best price. Since we see our customers as our business partners, we expand the marketing and supply network quickly and easily with many companies and make a smooth trade. In line with the request of our customers, we can sew their own brand labels on the products they purchase. We make special packaging for you and send it to the address you want. Apart from our models, we help you to produce patterns or models belonging to your brand and to create maraka or increase your product range. Please contact us for any questions, comments and requests.
Sububi, It has invested in two areas in the textile industry. Underwear brand: Sububi Underwear Textile brand: Sububi Home Collection. It produces underwear for women, men and children in underwear and socks products. It serves its customers with a wide range of products, especially Baby Textile, Home and Bath Textile, Hospital and Hotel Textile.Continuously produced products: single and double bed linen made of cotton, pillow covers, bath towels, bath mat, cotton , trow, jacquard pique, towels, bathrobes, bedspreads, promotional items, children's towels, hotel towels, bibs, hooded robe sets, etc. made of plain, jacquard or embroidered fabrics. products are produced.It aims to export its products to the whole world in international markets. We have contract manufacturing support for your products that your company sells. Whatever your brand is, Sububi supports it. In particular, product quality and product detail are always our priority. Our brand, which is open to all kinds of cooperation at the international level, always maintains its innovative and innovative structure. Let's achieve success together. Sububi Corporate Team.
Our target is to full fill all the expactations of our clients by providing, consistently, and speedily the highest possible quality products on time, and at competitive prices. Berinay’s mission is to provide a professional, reliable, comprehensive service second to none with it’s experienced staff in textile. At the same time, we are committed to encouraging the motivation and the full co-operation of our vendors and our staff.
We are a big team who aim to be our customers' preferred partner by providing them with products from our world class production for textile. We pride ourselves for our collective knowledge and experience within our team and facilities. So no matter what your products challenge is, we are here to supply you ! Please get in touch with us if you would like more information on how we can support you to buy the right products.
Cizgi Tekstil is an industrial textile company, located in the textile capital of Denizli / Turkey. We export our products to more than 20 countries after 3 continents, such as baby items, home textiles, hospitals and hotel articles. Cizgi Tekstil is preferred because we are a reliable partner for products, services and appointments on international markets. In addition to the Oeko Tex 100 Class 1 certificate, environment and health-conscious production, we have received the GOTS certificate in August 2017, in order to expand our position 'environmentally friendly, qualitative and healthy products'. Since the foundation of Cizgi Tekstil, we have and will continue to provide our valuable customers with our experience and quality of service.
In order to address changing needs, special demands of our customers and different tastes, we provide “Special Production” service. In addition to our products, we make custom designs, sizes and details according to your demands. Qattan providing services that adds special innovation and added value to the demand on the project basis weaves its original designs on contracted looms. Yarns used in the production with Qattan are specially selected for the targeted products and the yarns used are dyed in dyeing houses with Ekotex certificate and processed on Qattan's experienced machines. All intermediates and raw materials used have international Ekotex certificates and are presented to customers upon request. Products with quality controls are shipped according to customer demand. Barcoding, labeling and packaging solutions of customers' own brands are also provided by Qattan. Qattan's ultimate goal, which keeps the price-performance balance of all products high in favor of the consumer is to provide the best quality and service to the end user.